Artists’ Profile

Fergus Channon and Richard Dickinson´s creative partnership grows out of a friendship that extends back many years. The springboard for their present and future collaborations was the securing of a commission for the new eye hospital in central Manchester. Last year three deer were installed in one of the hospital´s courtyards. Stately yet peaceful, the deer family brings to the observer an instant of serene communication, an atmosphere of privacy and contemplation in an intensely public institution. As artists they look to nature for inspiration, which they find in its infinite detail and balanced asymmetry. The newer work of the last year, produced in the beautiful and sparsely populated Llyn Peninsula of North Wales, has an increased sense of wildness while pursuing the same aim of making permanent transient moments in the passage of natural time. A process akin to chasing shadows, the communication that passes within the fabric of their work, and between the work and the viewer, is about much more than language or eye contact. Utterly foreign yet completely familiar, the scenes they fix hold immense allegorical power for us as human observers of nature. Ultimately the pause, the held breath that the attitude of these copper creatures invites - transposed momentarily yet for eternity from their wild state - are a reminder of the truly earthly rhythms that will claim us all in the end. Just as death breathes through life, so the drive that transfigures solid materials and intangible visions into sculpture is always pulsing, always striving, always both seeking yet fearing completion. Nothing is ever ´finished´. Working with copper in many forms, Rick and Ferg have mined their technical expertise and their innate curiosity in order to push and develop the application of this supple and surprising element. The constant evolution of their learning is like the force that passes within the works they create: it has no end, only potential. The result is a transmission of energy and beauty that has all the power of an unanswered question.